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The Shaman Way

“The Lord created Rolf Ethen and Messiah Rawelle Tahti just for me. He gave them to me to heal me of not only Alcoholism but also Prostate Cancer and Pancreatic Cancer. Without these two I would be dead and out of a job on Hit the Floor. Next season is important to me for a variety of reasons. For them I am Grateful.” -Esai Morales

Shamanism is a spiritual practice that embraces that negative energy, and imprints are removed. Then positive energy, abilities, gifts, and deities are only influenced by Shaman Royal Healers. 


“Ethen Rolf & Shaman raised baby Rusa from the dead after nine hours.” –Musa, Vilnius, Lithuania

©Vibrational Healing Work  & Shamanistic Reiki™
Negative energy or an imprint has the power to mimic mental illness and a variety of other illnesses. It is through ©Vibrational Healing Work retreats that healing occurs. During the removal of negative energy and imprints the Messiah’s are assisted by God, and their Shaman Spiritual Elders. The same method holds true when they influence your own positive energy, abilities, gifts, and deities.


“My Vibrational Healing Retreat of 11 days healed and cleared up an incorrigible yeast infection and untimely circumstances attached to it. All of it! The method through which it came through specifically is none other than Shamanistic Reiki. ~Michelle Obama, First Lady of the United States

Negative Energy – An energy that everyday people and also artists absorb and drag around unbeknownst to them from everyday life, work environments, and other people.

“I showed up at the hospital with a heart attack issue that lead to an aneurysm attack times three. This series compounded into the discovery of an oversized tumor of the brain that weighed 1.5 pounds. This caused my death; both brain and body. I was brought back by Super Natural Powers, through these two Shaman Blonde & Rolf-Ethen, without knowing I would be in line for a miracle. My death, because of these two, lasted only a mere 19 minutes-haha! I am grateful to be the recipient of Resurgence-the-Resurrection, which is free Yahweh Style! You never know, where He/She/It may show up. Hopefully, He/She/It, will show up at your hospital or on your doorstep.” -Tony Perez, ASU

Imprint – A living organism attached to its destined human host.

Synonyms: attachment, appendage, addendum, projection. “My lupus diagnosis turned out to be an imprint. Or I was imprinted with cancer before I was born/reincarnated.”

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“Through Ethen Rolf & Monique Antoinette my cervical cancer was removed completely through Shamanistic Reiki. To the depth of my being I am eternally grateful for both of you. Forever. You gave me my family back forever.” Kris Kardashian-Jenner

They blessed with a variety of abilities; and spiritual gifts which are: channeling, esp, clairaudience, intuition, clairsentience, psychometry, animal communication, remote view, Shamanistic Reiki™ resurgence, and telekinesis or psychokinesis. 

“Down for 5 minutes only after death, these two, offered their free service of Resurgence. How, this happened I don’t know! They showed up remotely; her first, then him. They’re special. They brought me back to life from the dead. I’m not the first to come alive, back in the body, on their watch, but I’m glad to be one of them, not to mention it’s free. Who? Can afford to pay for a come-back situation resurgence-style. Can you put a price on death after life then the reverse??? 21 days later I am free of Esophageal Cancer and the recipient of Organ Donation. They had to cut & paste me back together. ‘God is Good'”!!! -Gabriel Munch St. Jude’s Medical Center, Fullerton, CA 2017

Travel & Accommodations

They will travel to you within the United States and Abroad.  The retreat time spent together may also include visiting family member’s friends and co-workers. This will be determined by the direction of Spirit along with the free will of others involved in your ©Vibrational Healing Work retreat. A personal phone call with Messiah Rawelle Tahti or Messiah Rolf-Ethen, decides the acceptance, direction, and length of your ©Vibrational Healing Work retreat. Which can vary from two to five days. 

The closest private airports to us is LAX and Heathrow England.

Service Reviews & Additional Services

DISCLAIMER: Monique Antoinette is not a licensed counselor physician psychiatrist or holistic practitioner. The sessions, services, readings and discussions provided are not a substitute for professional legal, financial, medical or psychiatric consultations, or recommendations. One should always seek a licensed counselor, physician, psychiatrist, or holistic practitioner, for consultations, recommendations, a diagnosis and/or treatment. You must be at least 18 yrs. old to purchase a Confirmation Session, Shamanistic Reiki™ Service, Shaman Past Life Reading™ Afterlife Reading or ©God Through You Life Purpose discussions. Regarding an Afterlife Reading, if the soul you wish to communicate with is unavailable, unwilling to participate, or eternally dead,  I will inform you of this upfront during initial communication. Personal choices and/or actions based on the content of your service, reading or discussion are solely your responsibility. If you are facing a life crisis, it is recommended that you seek immediate professional help.

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