Life Purpose?


Knowledge. Understanding. Responsibility.

If you are a male, female, heterosexual, gay, or lesbian individual living a Spiritual but also Christian, Catholic, Baptist, Methodist, Jewish, Islamic, Presbyterian, Episcopalian, Buddhist, Hindu, or New Age Lifestyle still searching for your life purpose(s), or if you already know what they are but have previously failed to make it or them real, I invite you to join the Messiahs’ 

Messiah Rolf-Ethen & Messiah Rawelle Tahti are the physical organisms through which a collective soul group of free thinkers help channel and facilitate ©God Through You Life Purpose discussions. Their entire soul-desire is that everyone breathing has the opportunity to come into the personal knowledge, understanding, and responsibility of their life purpose(s), and the blueprint of how to make it real.

©God Through You Life Purpose Discussion [90 minutes]
Is there a person (dead or alive), situation, or global misconception that halts you from knowing, understanding, and taking complete responsibility for the God in you today? If so, let them facilitate a one-on-one discussion with you through the application and exploration of their ©God Through You Life Purpose Worksheet. This discussion is powerful enough to create wholeness in you that moves you into complete ownership of the greater God in you. That’s if you let it!

Special Note – It is possible that during your ©God Through You Life Purpose discussion you will receive a drive-by. What is that? A drive-by is when the soul of your dead uncle, brother, sister, cousin, baby daddy, grandma, guardian angel, ascended master, spirit and or animal guide, loved one from heaven, or dead celebrity crashes into their vibrational field with an important message intended to blow your life up in the most divine way possible.

DISCLAIMER: Monique Antoinette is not a medical doctor or psychiatrist. The services provided are not a substitute for professional legal, financial, medical or psychiatric advice or care. One should always seek a licensed physician, psychiatrist, holistic practitioner, or counselor for a diagnosis and or treatment. You must be at least 18 yrs. old to purchase a ©God Through You Life Purpose discussion. Personal choices and/or actions based on the content of your service or reading are solely your responsibility. If you are facing a life crisis, it is recommended that you seek immediate professional help. 

Appointment Scheduling Information – Every ©God Through You Life Purpose discussion is conducted either over the phone, Facetime, Skype, or in person. Appointment times are scheduled according to PST (Pacific Standard Time), Monday through Friday between 11:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. The Messiahs’ will schedule the appointment personally with you and provide you with a call-in number. They can also travel to you anywhere in the world for an additional fee. The nearest airports to them are LAX and Heathrow England.

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