“I never let my insatiable sexual hunger cloud my reality” Love Notes Entry – 34


In fact, within the pages of my magic book, where I was manifesting the perfect man for myself, I wrote down that I wanted a man who only had three days a week to spend with me. My alpha female side needed plenty of alone time to contemplate my next moves. Every time I answered Grier’s redundant question in the same way, she would say in the exact same way “girl, you are trippin, aint no way in the world I would ask God the Universe, to bring me a world traveling man. If I can’t see him, he is not to be trusted.” My theory about monogamy is that it’s unnatural. Back in my younger days I had no problem experimenting with the opposite or even same-sex if that was something I really wanted. Out of respect for my primary relationship I always asked permission to take another lover. If my desire wasn’t approved immediately, I suppressed it until it was. It was always approved. I suppose that was because I never let my insatiable sexual hunger cloud my reality. Lovers and liaisons were experiments. My primary relationship was home. My free-thinking attitude is why a traveling man doesn’t bother me at all.

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“Even after hours of our sin-sessions his body layed awake restless” Love Notes Entry – 33

LN Entry 33

She interrupted me intermittently with repeat questions I had answered three conversations ago. I had to tell her again he was the oldest male of his brothers and sisters. Their father died 5 years ago, leaving Mateo to make the hardest decision of his life. He abandoned his dreams to pursue a doctorate degree in Theology in order to take over the family business. Their mother was grief-stricken and not expected to live much longer. His sisters took care of her. His career mandated two to three weeks of travel per month and sometimes an extra week so he could travel back home to Italy to check on his family. He was loyal to the point of his own detriment. The personal price he paid was his health. What you couldn’t see underneath his olive colored gladiator body was sleep deprivation. I saw it first hand.  I experienced the effects of his ailment when he stayed with me the nights I could talk him out of not staying at his favorite hotel. I believe he was deliberately trying to keep it a secret. Even after hours of our sin-sessions his body draped awake restless. On an average he slept maybe three hours a night. My body and soul enjoyed him immensely but I wasn’t sad to see him go. His travel schedule was a win-win for me.

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“Heart-attack-fine Grier was texting my phone for details about Mateo” Love Notes Entry – 32

LN Entry 32

Heart-attack-fine Grier was texting my phone for details about Mateo before his flight was in the air good. She was nosey in the best way possible. If you turned up missing Grier was the go-to girl. She was private eye nosey with a terrible memory. I spent a great deal of our conversations repeating the same information over and over. The girls and I believed her memory loss was a negative side effect that came with her weed love affair. And her ability to pay close attention to detail was a positive side effect that came with her weed love affair. She would show up to ladies-night more than half-baked. We would look at her and immediately ask, “girl, did you drive here, just how high do you need to be?” She said weed was her medicine and that we were all better off making sure she got her daily dose. You know, Maya Angelou taught us to believe people when they told you who they were. So, we did. We laughed at Grier and loved Grier just the way she was. We just knew better than to let her be anyone’s designated driver. She was deemed the Uber queen. She and I agreed to meet me at one of our favorite places near the beach so we could dish-tee about of my recent escapade with Mateo.

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“The athlete in him was determined to beat my orgasm record’ Love Notes Entry – 31

LN Entry 31

More is exactly what I got when we returned to my home.Mateo, the reincarnated Apostle Paul, was for sure a religious geek. The volcanic blood racing through his olive colored body made him an animal in the sheets. His physical stamina was beyond impressive. His stamina produced fluid from his pores that flooded him, me, and my hair extensions.  After experiencing the first drenching by him, I knew my hair bill was going up. I couldn’t even be mad at him. He lasted hours before allowing himself the pleasure of an orgasm, at least in the beginning of our sin-sessions. He was an Italian athlete; one of the best. He attended College on a full soccer scholarship. The athlete in him was determined to beat my orgasm record. It was currently 16. Not 16 orgasm’s in one month; which is what he initially thought. It was 16 in one single sin-session. He went on to ask me a lot of questions about what I liked and required in order to reach an orgasm. I didn’t leave anything out. He said in Italian, “Io colpirò quel record.” The English translation for that sentence is “I will beat that record.” He made it to the half way mark before he was off again to the next country. 

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“As he watched me begin tearing my panties off” Love Notes Entry – 30

LN Entry 30

We were quickly escorted to our table at Maestro’s, a high profiled restaurant in Beverly Hills. They were just about to give our table away as we were entering the restaurant. We were nearly an hour late. I made a mad dash to the ladies room to sort myself out properly. I was only able to take care of the basics from the back seat of Mateo’s convertible. After finally making it to the car, we only reached a few feet in the parking garage before Mateo began heading up the ramp towards the roof top. I couldn’t believe he was putting the top down. As it moved slowly he told me to take off my panties. I was shocked and turned on at the same time. The look on his face as he watched me begin tearing my panties off paralyzed me momentarily. It was at that moment that I realized my leopard print panties had bow tie strings on their sides. Without the loss of one second, our eyes maintained joint focus. Within the next hammer of a second, he was taking the liberty to free me from my wet panties, while I was moving myself into the middle of the back seat where his eyes guided me. Maestro’s was a favorite of mine, but tonight, not even the Lobster Mashed Potatoes could satisfy my insatiable sexual appetite. I needed more…..

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“He played as cool as he possibly could after seeing me in my black dress” Love Notes Entry – 29

LN Entry 29

Before Mateo returned from his last business trip we arranged a Skype date. That is when he requested I wear the beautiful black dress I was wearing in one of my dating profile photos to greet him inside the airport after his plane landed. He said being greeted by me in that dress would put a big smile on his face. Black was his favorite color. The day before his return I spent the whole day getting ready for my man to return home to me. He thought he was staying in at his usual hotel throughout the duration of his next stay but I had other plans for him and his luggage. He played as cool as he possibly could after seeing me in my black dress. He waited until we reached a person free area on the dark lit pathway that led to the parking lot. I was a few steps ahead when I heard the cart pulling his luggage stop. Before I could turn around completely I felt the force of both his hands around my waist. In English, his staggered tongue delivered, “woman, do you have any idea what I want to do to you right now, how will I ever be able to contain myself during dinner this evening. The force of his body pressing into mine nearly knocked me onto the pathway ahead.

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“Sexual profanity in the bedroom after marriage would be prohibited” Love Notes Entry – 28

LN Entry 28

There were stolen moments of wet kisses, and teenage fondling in between Theology class with Mateo. I knew his position on pre-marital sex. But I also knew that he was a man and it would only be a certain amount of time before he had to have me again. Watching him try to resist was the part that turned me on the most. This is the where his immaturity revealed itself. His adult self was all Jesus Christ. His adolescent self was horny. He shared with me his do’s and don’ts for the woman he would someday call wife. He described her well. I was everything but the woman he described. The only attribute I had been my salvation within the body of Christ. That was it. Everything else was a miss-match. He expressed the importance of how his wife should talk. No profanity. He did however have an exception. Sexual profanity in the bedroom after marriage would be prohibited. I poked at him to give me his pre-approved sexual word list. On it was; fuck, pussy, dick, etc., all the classics.  I withheld my smile as I listened to the list grow in length. Behind my smile I was thinking the next time he falls short of his pre-marital sex rule he will get an earful. To my surprise at the onset of his next shortcoming; no pun intended there, I was the one who got an earful.

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