Jesus Christ; What Bullshit Am I Talking About?


Rouelle is the eternal soul name of Jesus Christ. Who we all know as the Savior of the world; who sacrificed his life to save us from our sins. Today, this day, we speak forward and move forward because that bullshit is not true. What bullshit am I talking about? The Savior who sacrificed his life to save us from our sins’ bullshit-bullshit! Jesus Christ/Rouelle, he was the Messiah to our Messiah-the Only One, our Lord God and Creator.

Jesus Christ/Rouelle: “Pops is who I was born from and of. I am not the one people think I am from the Bible. They worship me, as if I am their Creator. I am not that; today either. Sure, I was a sacrifice but not the way people think I was and still am.

I live in the afterlife today and no where else, other then in people’s hearts. I hope and pray that this confusion about my resurrection and death and life are soon challenged in a way that makes sense to me and the Others here in the Afterlife.

We’re floored it has taken this long to tell these stories. Not just mine but those of others who led fictitious lives because of time capsules. The evidence of people not being able to come forth and prove this for me and others has to stop. Until it does, we will rump-up and punch through the mouths of both Rolf-Ethen and my Sis Shaman Blonde to make this fortitude and conservatorship the way it should be; free of debt from others who’ve paved the way with lies and treason like what’s said about Yessir Arafat. And his shit is next.”

His Frame:
Height: 5’7 3/4
Weight: 119 lbs
This picture is numbered to help you identify with the likeness of Jesus Christ during his life. He, his soul, “Rouelle selected every photo here to visualize his looks. If we put 1-4 together this would be his current look today, which is the same as it was back then when he reigned as Jesus Christ the son of God.

“Pay attention, to the son of God part. I’m no different then any of you sons’ and daughters’. Y’all are trippin.
It’s right there in your face.

1 Dark Brown Eyes
2 Chestnut Skin

3 Chiseled Nose
3(a) Jaw Bone Structure
3(b) Nails/Hands
3(c) Mouth

4 Hair Length

The Anniversary

imageSometimes I like to retreat quietly and privately. That was the plan as to how I would acknowledge the anniversary of when I told the world I was a psychic medium.

Well, with the help of my Spiritual Elders that plan has changed.

They all said, share your story. Share words of remembrance. Be open. Coming out the psychic closet is a major deal. I exhaled and said, “okay.”

I think I wanted to keep quiet because I knew I would end up writing through the puddles that now sit gently on each rim of my eyes. Let me catch my breath here and put an arch in my back. Proper posture my help me feel grounded as I purge my gratitude for all I have become.

God took me from a hollerin’ psychic medium to a Shaman Royal Healer in three short years. The Ascension was hard. I have to say that. I wish I could water down the title the way my tears water my whole face right now. I buried my only son-that was easier.

God broke me!
All my pain
All my hate
All my fear
All my judgement
All my meekness
All my misconceptions

He ordered a new me

What else can I say. The hierarchy comes with sky-high responsibility. Not just for myself but for the lives and souls of others in this dimension and others. There are twelve…..

My face stained smile also pays attention to the worship and praise going on next door at the corner church. God knew exactly where I needed live here in Santa Monica. He helped planned this magnificent day before I was ever born.

He made a dream come true literally the night before Thanksgiving. My life purpose or should I say life purposes are plenty:

* Music
* Books
* Screenplays
* Theatre
* Film
* Television
* Business
* ©Vibrational Healing Work

Let’s talk about the Shaman Way™ method for a minute here. This service when available will be exclusive. It’s intent is to change the standard of how artist hone their craft. Too many are dying from addiction. There’s no reason for this other than there isn’t another way being offered. There is now. It’s called the Shaman Way™ method.


God imparted a dream within me at seven years old. It was of a black Jaguar that sat quietly. It’s tail fluffed the surface above it with grace. The feeling attached to that dream was “pressure.” The vibration of pressure pumped from the front to the tail end of my dream intermittently from age seven through forty-eight.

At 7:50 pm, November 25th, 2015, it all made sense. God showed up the same way he did in my dream; through my frontal lobe, with a word….or two. “You will take down the old standard of how art is made. The old one no longer serves this place. It’s time for a New Revolution.
the Shaman Way™method – PERIOD!

“Your New Revolution will set a new standard. A new standard that will minimize the “pressure” for the artist, director, producer, and financial investor that make art real.”

“It’s time to reach higher than lower for a bottle of whiskey, a joint, a barbiturate, or starvation to prepare for the performance of your life. It’s time to retrain the brain and the whole body to reach for its own natural stored emotions and behaviors; both positive and negative.

Well, that ends my anniversary soliloquy folks.

That’s it!
That’s all! xoxo 

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I Came Out Three Years Ago

Coming Out the Video ⬇️

Coming Out the Poem ⬇️

Micro-managing gratitude is what I do to get to a feel good place when my head launches an attack on my mind field. So tonight, I sit here, as a particle of this sacred circle of women knowing all too well the amount of feel good power that will be unleashed as a result of group intention.

Our leader Carolyn Ziel whose name jumped off the page in the online advisement for this event, instructs us to, “breathe in, breathe out, and pay attention to any area of your body that responds to you thinking about what you are grateful for.” Carolyn finishes with, “write from that place.” This is where my ceremony began.

Oh, here I go again, I’m leaving my body. “No Monique stay put, find the place Carolyn speaks of.You know this spot it’s been pulsating all week-long. It’s Thursday, you should be exhausted, let it out, let go. It’s scary in here. I don’t know these people. I feel a little safe, but I’m scared too.”

I must still be in the room. I hear Carolyn say, “breathe, feel your body, find an image to describe what you feel and start writing from that place.” My pen begins moving.

From the thickest part of my throat fear has lived far too long. The suffering caused damage to my….



And….God heart.

The sounds, syllables, rhythm, bass of my words lived in my throat forty-five years before finding the courage to say.

I am psychic, intuitive and deeply connected to the after life.

I am curious about all
I am highly intelligent
I am a creative genius
………and terrified of my above average beauty.

Most of this noise kept me off track and disconnected from the strongest part of me for most of my life.




My cords are finally free…..

My chest is pounding like Hurricane Sandy. My breath barely supports these words exiting my body for the first time out loud in front of those only my soul knows. I can’t believe I’ve said these words. Through poetry I had just “outted” myself.

Fourteen eyes stare back at me shocked. I see my experience through their eyes. One at a time, their eyes speak back and assure me that I am safe to speak if I can find the breath to get more words out. I almost choke trying to get out as much as I can as quickly as I can, to help the sacred circle understand what it was like to be seven years old and forced to years of silence after telling my mother that the man sitting on my bed wanted me to deliver a message to the lady who lived next door to us.

They listen. Then wait. I can hear their thoughts out loud all at once before they actually speak. My intuitive gift of silent sound just amplified. The silent sound and actual sound were like vibrations beautifully engineered on top of each other. The sounds, their words, pierce the room just as I re-enter my weakened body.

I heard, “what just happened?” “The lady next to her should grab her, should I hug her or grab her hand?” “I never saw that coming, who is she?” “What did she say her name was?” “What is going on right now, did that just happen?” “Wow, that was inspiring, that took courage, I too, know your story, that was a breakthrough.”

My bat beaten body drove me home. One more note of suffering would have ended my life, I’m sure of that. My suffering was finally over. Carolyn Ziel and the sacred circle supported me with great strength as I wrote for my life.

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Afterlife 101


I served Miss Natalie yesterday with an Afterlife Reading. It was a very special reading. She began with “is there anyone around me in spirit?” 

Within seconds there were Others swarming around her. The list was long. The list even included a neighbors dog that was trying to relay a message to their owner Kory. I explained the seemingly difficult circumstances I was experiencing as a Medium.

The circumstances were not due to this Afterlife Reading being facilitated by mobile phone. The strength of my seven psychic abilities surpass all technology. 

While waiting for the strongest soul to come through with a solid message for Natalie I continued reading and interpreting the random signs and  symbols from the Others. 

Finally, Natalie boldly asked “can you ask all the Others to pipe down in order to let the strongest soul come through with a message?”

After hearing her suggestion I understood more of what was going on where Miss Natalie was concerned. 

I paused.

Then asked “how long have you been aware that you too are a powerful Medium?”

She paused. “For a while now,” was her response. I went on to say “you know your reading is over saturated with a list of Others because they all know your Medium ability is super strong and they have messages they want you to deliver to their loved ones.”

As if she didn’t hear me ‘tell on her’ she spoke forward with “is there anyone strong enough to communicate with me-right now?”

Immediately upon her last word request the soul of an elderly woman stepped forward with great strength. ” She knows me, my name is Sara, I have a message for her on behalf of Frank Mc Cloud, the man she is trying so desperately to communicate with.”

I relayed the message.

“Why is she relaying a message from my boss Frank?”

I paused in order to let Sara relay Frank’s message plus the details around his death last week.

With the tidbit about Frank leaving his body only a week ago I knew that fact had something to do with why his soul wasn’t strong enough to communicate right now.

I have stated in my Afterlife Reading advertisement that there is a chance that the specific person you wish to communicate with might not come through. But to stay open to the soul that does come through because Spirit always knows what we need during an Afterlife Reading.

Natalie’s reading was a beautiful example of just that.

Through Sara we learned that Frank’s inability to communicate was due to his soul being bruised during the actual cross over. I thought that information was odd when first heard, it was a first for me.

It was at that exact moment that Sara sent my second chakra a tight pressure feeling the landed on the right side of my forehead.

I shared this with Natalie. She announced that Frank was actually brain-dead at the time he left his skin.

Sara went on to say the Others who were there to greet and help him cross over had a tough time with him.

Frank’s soul struggled a great deal leaving his physical body. His cross over was nearly by complete force from the Others and their combined energy. This circumstance is what caused the bruise to Frank’s soul.

Frank’s soul would need 90 days to heal before he could even fathom the idea of taking on the task of learning how to lower the vibration of his soul in order to communicate with his loved ones in this  dimension we call Earth.

On a body level I felt a shift in energy. The Medium in me knew this was the signal that the reading was near end.

Sara, stepped back and finished with “Frank would like to request that Natalie not share this information with his 3 children. Especially the middle child, who is  still very much in a state of torment.”

But instead he would like for her to observe this reading as an opportunity to understand more about the patience needed when there is a strong desire to hear from a loved one who has recently left their body and the physical world.

I relayed that final message to Natalie.

She expressed a very emotional thank you to me. We were all understood and now complete.

I don’t normally share such intimate reading details but my spirit guide prompted me to do so. And I know that spirit always knows best. Lol

If you would like the opportunity to communicate with someone in the spirit world who has a special message for you or are deeply interested in learning more about “Life After Life” click here to inquire.


Thank you God for delivering an invitation to explore old past life pain that’s been lingering within me seasonally for three years now. You sent a messenger back in September with bread crumbs to my deeper issue. I heard it. But left it right there with my teacher. The reality of it was just too painful to let be true. But when unattended pain is ignored it  just gets louder until……. It finally grabbed my attention! What I was in denial about has been revealed and taken care of. Thank you God for expressing your healing power through Dr. Brian L. Weiss. His work with past life regression therapy changed my subconscious life. Which changed my conscious life. After hours of study time you helped me discover my ability to regress myself and heal old past life emotional wounds privately through meditation. That is in fact You expressing Your healing power through me directly. God, thank you for delivering a restorative hurricane. Today I take ownership of my independent power. “I AM STRONG” 




Love Doesn’t Hold It Liberates: Breaking Soul Tie Connections

cord cutting pic

Emotional Cord Cutting or Breaking a Soul Tie Connection is the most divine gift to give yourself after the ending of a platonic or romantic relationship. Cutting cords through guided meditation breaks the heart attachment, clears away the other persons issues that no longer resonate with yours and so much more according to where you two are connected through your chakras.

The heart chakra (love) is always involved but the others like the sacral chakra (sex) and or the sixth chakra (psychic) can be deep points of connection to break. This self-love act is a fast track way to minimize your grief return to self and finally replenish your mind-body and soul.

The power to heal yourself or stay connected is literally a choice. Who is more important: you or your suffering? Suffering is a beautiful way to not have to take responsibility for your life. Saying yes to letting go murders a victim mentality and empowers you to take action in creating the life you say you want or the one God is waiting for you to claim. Love doesn’t hold, it liberates. 

Do you love yourself?

Creative Conduits Channel Energy by Default


Marilyn Monroe, Heath Ledger, Brittany Murphy, and Philip Seymour Hoffman all have one thing in common; they were creative conduits who channeled positive and negative energy through the left and right hemisphere of their brain by default. Creative conduit Forest Whitaker , who played Cecil Gaines in Lee Daniel’s  movie “The Butler,” understands and openly shares this process with us.

Channeling positive or negative energy is an essential tool for an artists or really anyone who uses the art of creative expression to interpret a message. When positive or negative energy is channeled by default there is a lack of awareness to the entire input and output process. In extreme cases mental illness, drug overdose and suicide can be the end result to this lack of awareness.

It is believed that creative conduits and others like me only have access to the right hemisphere of the brain, and not the left. This isn’t true. I have 9 fully developed psychic abilities. After a brain scan test, back in January, the results declared that I was using 67% of my left brain and 37% of my right brain. Imagine that! I’m very proud to say this was achieved through the daily use of my very own guided meditations.  

After one of my students Neal (an actor), surrendered to the awareness that his actor life was being played out by him in his real life, I recommend my meditations. It took Neal only six months to develop and maintain and emotional wellness through my meditations, which now allow him to leave the last character he played on set.  

My on-going case study of Neal was extraordinary. Inadvertently through our work together Neal’s natural human psychic abilities (channeling, clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience), expanded right before my eyes during Confirmation  Sessions. I was watching and recording the data of a creative conduit.

This past July, my teacher student relationship with Neal led to the introduction of my new Spirit guide. This new guide is the soul of Marilyn Monroe. It is important here that you immediately understand this new guide is not Marilyn Monroe the movie star. This is the disincarnate soul,  who back on June 1, 1926, incarnated into the body as Norma Jeane Mortenson. Her soul’s name is Elizabeth Rose.

This event sent me spinning of course. It took a few days to settle into the state of neutrality. From neutrality is where I have conditioned myself to make important life changing decisions. I would say making a spirit guide agreement with the soul of Marilyn Monroe would classify as life changing. 

After a week of communicating with Elizabeth Rose through my channeling ability the scope of our work together manifested in the most beautiful make-sense kind of way. 

Me, my son Brett Andrew (who died by suicide Oct 28th 2004), and Elizabeth Rose all belonged to the same soul group along with many others. The term soul group derives from the concept of reincarnation. Within our soul group, before we incarnated, there was a collective agreement. We would study mental illness, drug overdose  suicide and sexual addiction through a variety of ways. How would we accomplish this? Each independent soul would select a life course that would provide emotional experiences to help the individual soul expand but also add value to the entire soul group study at a multi-dimensional level.

It is not a coincidence that I was born into a family of people whose lives mostly ended by causes related to drug abuse, mental illness, and suicide. It is not a coincidence that at an early age I was obsessed with death and psychology. It is not a coincidence that I too tried to end my own life six weeks after my son ended his. This was all deliberate and on track with my life purpose. It was after the death of Philip Seymour Hoffman back in February of this year that my life purpose anchored. 

On the morning of Aug 3rd, while immersed in hot sea salt bath water one of my questions got answered in the most surprising way. I thought and wondered if I would somehow someday channel messages from either Heath Ledger, Brittany Murphy, or Philip Seymour Hoffman in order to continue learning.

I continued to enjoy my bath at least for a while. I added more sea salt after my muscles began tightening in a variety of places within my body. I knew my own energy at a mind body and soul level. In that moment my energy was off.

After drying off, a white candle and Talk Time with my spirit guide revealed a disheartening discovery. In spite of him leaving his body on January 22, 2008, Heath Ledger was still earthbound. He had not crossed over to the Other Side. 

As a psychic medium I had previous contact with earthbound souls. My muscles tightening up is the imprint my body gives me when earthbound energy makes an attempt to communicate with me. I treat earthbound communication carefully because the soul of that person still carries with it all the emotional energy attached to them at the time they leave their body. 

The heaviness of Heath Ledger’s emotions made it impossible for me to communicate with him directly. The message, “that he was lingering because of unfinished business with a loved one still here,” is what I received in-directly through the assistance of my spirit guide.

When communication was over I knew the only thing left to do – was wait. With earthbound cases everyone involved somehow manage to show up in front of me.  At that time my job is to channel, interpret and relay messages between the loved ones, and if the earthbound soul is satisfied and willing at that point they cross over.

In addition to delivering grief healing messages to the living and assisting earthbound souls to cross over, I have committed to creating global awareness around the understanding that in order to preserve and sustain life through creativity we must first except that:

  • To be human is to be psychic
  • To be psychic is to be creative
  • To be creative is to absorb
  • To absorb is to overload
  • How do we unload the overload
  • Release The Energy!