To be asked to contribute my non-fiction writing  articles to Open to Hope Inspirational Stories of Healing After Loss was an unexpected surprise. Silly me thought a few grieving people may read my writing at the Open to Hope blog site.  After receiving the email to discuss the project I thought are they kidding? Neil assured me they were not. Like most writers we live to avoid reading words we’ve written. Maybe some day I will get over this. In my opinion my article that includes me having a controlled conversation with my grief while  standing in the check out line at the market turns my stomach in both a positive and negative way. I’m truly grateful for the writing experience this organization provided me with. 


About The Book

37 years old and back home with her parents is exactly where Monique Antoinette needs to be when she receives a  phone call that changes her middle name to Suicide Grief Survivor. Threatened by a near fatal mental breakdown she decides to surrender to the magnificent power of grief. Her ride with grief delivers higher understanding about the afterlife. Her son, after leaving his body, lingers behind to answer questions about his life and death. Her sight and sound senses finally convince her to acknowledge her psychic medium ability. Her acknowledgement is quiet and polite due to her being a preacher’s kid.

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Today the author is writing “Love Notes” a fiction online blog series that chronicles the adventures of how love, lust, grief, fear, sexuality, religion, religion, psychic abilities, mental illness, off-book conversations with God and Shamanism have healed and inspired her life through her relationships with family, best friends, lovers, clients, students and important others met along the way. Click here to read the first entry of Love Notes