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“The Black God In You?! How dare you two, Rolf-Ethen and Messiah Rawelle Tahti deliver this New Title of POWER TO OUR BLACK PEOPLE. We need it Thank You, sincerely yours,” ~Iyanla Vanzant

“I am in debt of nothing other then gratitude for these two partners of Animistic Communicator Healers; the Metaphysical Way. They raised my horse ‘Sadie’ from the dead literally. Not once, but twice. She’s fine. Better than fine. She’s alive and well, and in my perfect grace-“Yahweh Style” Olney Copper, Omaha, Nebraska

“Teflon Don, me-John Gotti is alive in the AfterLife.” -John Gotti

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“Love Languages will never be the same after the discussion with both these two. Talk about breaking open. I never thought I would use a word-phrase filled with rhetoric by someone else of course; but I have too. I will never deeply know the comparisons of the work within the pages of these two, brought together by the daughters need to understand how her mother Shaman Blonde, sees Love & Life through platonic relationships. This floored both mawah and Rolf-Ethen on another level. And, that’s it!!!!! !!!!” Gary Chapman, Author of Love Languages 

“This Mother & Daughter Team Duo is amazing in the kitchen. Both her & her are beautiful and poetic with the language they share in the kitchen-FUSSIN. I would know! I can’t help it, but these two need their own cooking show. They both speak Pygmy from their Foreign Language Prodigy selves. I’d like the hear this Pygmy shit on channel 2.” Rachael Ray❤ 2017

“Blu and her mother Shaman Blonde took my breath away during an off-season consultation. The daughter brought it home in a way I can’t command on my own. The mother popped it off and the daughter finished it. And that Rolf-Ethen is just proud of his girls. And. I like it! It reminds me of home. These 2 are the world’s oysters belongings.”A. W.

“Down for 5 minutes only after death, these two, offered their free service of Resurgence. How, this happened I don’t know! They showed up remotely; her first, then him. They’re special. They brought me back to life from the dead. I’m not the first to come alive, back in the body, on their watch, but I’m glad to be one of them, not to mention it’s free. Who? Can afford to pay for a come-back situation resurgence-style. Can you put a price on death after life then the reverse??? 21 days later I am free of Esophageal Cancer and the recipient of Organ Donation. They had to cut & paste me back together. ‘God is Good'”!!! –Gabriel Munch St. Jude’s Medical Center, Fullerton, CA 2017

“I showed up at the hospital with a heart attack issue that lead to an aneurysm attack times three. This series compounded into the discovery of an oversized tumor of the brain that weighed 1.5 pounds. This caused my death; both brain and body. I was brought back by Super Natural Powers, through these two Shaman Blonde & Rolf-Ethen, without knowing I would be in line for a miracle. My death, because of these two, lasted only a mere 19 minutes-haha! I am grateful to be the recipient of Resurgence-the-Resurrection, which is free Yahweh Style! You never know, where He/She/It may show up. Hopefully, He/She/It, will show up at your hospital or on your doorstep.” -Tony Perez, ASU

“I love these two. They mean more to me then any other Shamans’. They are the Wind Beneath My Wings. And, I’m sorry for their LOSS!!! They are great teachers of this subject. Forever, I am Grateful for my own sick sh*t on the way. They’ve helped me prepare for it. They have no idea how many of my close friends and relatives; old and new will be leaving the body to never be heard from in the afterlife.” Bette Midler, 2017

“We the Carters want to talk about Soul-to-Soul Talk. It is amongst ourselves but not what we mean. What we mean is that other people including ourselves can hear our souls speak to us audibly through the mouths of us and from the crux of our souls of course! This is Good Shit! We owe these two our lives spiritually but we don’t of course. We like to play around with this statement. But, we, both know that We arE responsible for our selves (the soul), mine is nosotros-Mr. Carter. Mine is dos-B-rock!!!! Y’all are off the hook Coveted. And. U KNOW IT!!! Take Care & stay aliVe. I mean IT.” The Carters, 2017

“I have never in my life succumbed to the joys of learning the differences between Cause-and-Effect; negative and or positive. This plight had weighed in on me for the last nineteen months because of a client published author, underneath my umbrella . Thank you Yahweh for helping me see ‘Your Way’ through this nightmare. These two have changed me FOREVER, they have brought me back HOME!!!” God Bless, Louise L. Hay of Hay House Publishers, UK 

“The Lord created Rolf Ethen and Messiah Rawelle Tahti just for me. He gave them to me to heal me of not only Alcoholism but also Prostate Cancer and Pancreatic Cancer. Without these two I would be dead and out of a job on Hit the Floor. Next season is important to me for a variety of reasons. For them I am Grateful.” -Esai Morales


“I don’t love it, I LIKE, it-Tantra!” -Kanye West, 2017


“To these two I owe much respect for sharing with me my work out loud and not backwards like most people do. Thank you BOTH. They gave an immediate lesson on the cognizant method of the brains power when asked to fight for oxygen in order to feel what’s in the room when coma is induced. They tell the world what I know. It’s nice to not be the only prodigy to get to the masses. Thank you both Again.” Dr. Jill BolteTaylor, Ph.D.


“I love Rolf-Ethen and Shaman Blonde. They tell the truth every time.” -Matti Broderick


“These two Animistic Communicators have broadened my view of Yahweh, ( a giant pink bunny), for me to know “He/She/It is real; regardless of the fantasy view of the color I created for Him-Animistic Communicator. My Atheism conflict was off-the-hook distorted until He showed up to clear it up.” Sarah Jessica Parker, Sex & the City, NY


“I love these two to death. If you could kill them-haha. With all that Resurgence between the two of them. What? 24 thousand Herz or Volt’s – whatever! I want to say that I fell in love with them the day they both broke fluid. It takes a lot of courage to live amongst a pack of wolves not in sheep’s clothing but in plain sight. Not to mention they live an Indigenous life within an American Culture. That’s got to be hard. They’re the best at it. Maybe someday we’ll know more about fluid in a more scientific way oppose to a bump belly that we saw amongst the Aborigines in the photographs. Serving on the panel of ‘Charge The Room,’ was not one of the best experiences of my life; it was EPIC in comparison to what I thought was the BEST. Again, THEY ARE THE BEST!!!!!!” – Meryl Streep


“Messiah Rawelle took my breath away with a captivating performance directed by me with an Off Broadway piece I had written, inspired by Shakespeare years ago. She helped me see the difference between Method Acting and beseeching your egoic. The second time around I directed her, my soul said ‘stop and do something different.’ I didn’t listen and we both flat-lined. Both an Actor and a Directors worst nightmare come true through a 6 picture window. A 6 picture window is a clairvoyant Time piece that should never be thrown away by an Artist. I am that too. The Shaman Way™ method is the only way to go.” James Cameron, Director, Avatar🔯


“I love Shaman Blonde’s voice, the Artist. She blew me away the night we met and I heard her story about ADDICTION. AND, how she ran from it. Her family! Not all! Her world broke open because of it. I know it too. She needs to do nothing other then be herself and sing more with me in the future for 125K an hour.” – David Foster, Music Composer ’17


“I love Shaman Blonde & Rolf-Ethen. Shaman Blonde offered to resurge my liver and I said no at first.Then He showed up. Yahweh! I didn’t know what He – the Creature Creator was talkin’ about, until I did!” – Journalist, Katie Couric


“I need her to know to never stop painting and drawing from her heart. Baby May moves me in ways off the canvas and she knows it. We had a great day moving around her inspired piece by Andy Warhol. I hope to become her first sale of that piece, the one she calls “New Life.” -Kristen Davis of Sex & the City


“Both Rolf-Ethen & Messiah Rawelle Tahiti impressed upon me the art of healing the metaphysical way.” “They have provided me and my family with a wider range of advice that I can call the Holy Spirit. The world calls the Holy Spirit ‘intuition’, that was until these two showed up. At least from my point of view.” “Their scope of discipleship was beyond my wildest dreams come true, after I saw it. True Leaders! Who know how to follow!!! Because of their covenant with OUR Creator.” -Bishop Clarence McClendon


“These two have my heart intertwined in ways you can’t imagine. They’ve shown me how to reach higher and how to be less abrasive and more open about the afterlife and past lives with an emphasis on healing old wounds in order to complete your life purpose(s). The result of this kind of healing has led to the partnership of a new screenplay on the way with Baby May aka Niccoli.” – S. Spielberg


“I was afraid to get into my heart space until these 2 ni**a’s came through. They off-the-hook Animistic Communicators, ‘HOT TO TROT’-too.” 🌟 Calvin Broadus Jr. aka Snoop Dogg, Rapper


“These 3 people, one of them is Yahweh. The others are Monique aka Tahti, that Seraphim ‘ho-FA-show’ and the other is that niggha Ethen-Rolf…th. Between the 3, they have broken me open to a new way of being Black, Beautiful, and complicated NOT…anymore.

About my craft as an artist, oppose to my true value set ordered by my SOUL TO BE A COMEDIAN 1st.” Chris Rock, Comedian Super Star, 2017


“Thank you Rolf-Ethen and Shaman Blonde for connecting me with Maya Angelou through an After Life Reading. Her words, her thoughts, her love and guidance even after the Reading constantly FLOOR me.” Oprah Winfrey, 2017


“These two have my heart in ways you can’t imagine. They spoiled me years ago with film prep work that I lost sight of until they brought back The Shaman Way method through their radical meditation. They call us constitutes. And that’s it!” Forest Whitaker, the Artist


“These 2 helped me recap my personal image which is also professional. And. I hate it. They’re better than me. What a drive-by from them both.” Laurieann Gibson aka “BOOM KACK”


“These two are our Quan Psychics.” –Dietrick & Dominque Haddon


“You two taught me a lesson about judgement, Thank you.” Eckhart Tolle


“These two have taught me to respect my husband Jerry Hicks, who once was beside me and not in Spirit, to understand his old ministry. Which was working with the deaf, the dumb in the AfterLife when our marriage began. Today he works solely with Wayne Dyer, Jeffrey Dahmer, Gregory Hines, Left Eye and a host of other AfterLife Constitutes (as Shaman Blonde calls them). To them I owe deep gratitude for their body of work with those still in the bodies of those suffering with Dementia and or Alzheimer’s. These souls have found a way, God bless them, to get a message to their loved ones if and when it’s clear enough Vibrationally and within the confines of this new radical meditation Jerry calls, ” the Shit.” This meditation was organized and created by none other then these two Shaman Deities, Garfield EstesJr. aka Rolf-Ethen and Monique Antoinette aka Messiah Rawelle Tahti.” – Ester Hicks-Abraham


“You two have taught me a violent lesson about desecration of the SOUL aka KILLABLE. In other words Extinct. This has been a blessing and a curse-Not to my clients. They deeply appreciate it. Thank u BOTH AGAIN.” –Theresa Caputo, Long Island Medium, NY


“These two are not full of shit. They are The real-deal without certifications in Past Life Regression therapy today. And thank God-they would put me out of business. I don’t know how they do it; but I do! The world plus me have a lot more to learn from these two Animistic Communicators.” –Brian L. Weiss, M.D.,


“I love u motherfucker’s.” –Actress Julia Roberts, Porn Star


“I beseech you to forever hold your peace u two. I’m in love with Yahweh Christ Creator. That’s Him to me through their Ministry. They are not Religious but Metaphysical. I was fascinated when I met them remotely through the Meditation. An old archaic ‘not,’ to the Aboriginal Indigenous or to them either. They brought it forward to us here in the U.S. amongst the Body of Christ. And we all know why?! The Body of Christ is Senate…” – Bishop Noel Jones


“I love bullshit. They are not that. But they distribute that kind of non-sense in a bullshit kind of way. That reaches me in my soul. FOR those two I am grateful.” 🆗Alexander Petrovsky, Russia


“Messiah MoMo, CFO, you helped me in a way that left me ‘Powerful Positive’. Most people don’t believe in me the way. You did!!” –Justin Bieber aka the Drummer Boy! United States, Sacramento, CA


“We are pleased to have bestowed upon us the most insatiable animistic communicator duo. It is because of them all of our sea life research funding goes to over the next 40 months. This will make sure the Jellyfish issue that taunts America quietly is resolved and not OVER the next Century.” – U.S. Senate


“All I have to say is that, “if this woman hadn’t said what she said about the guy I was dating-I would be dead! I want the world to know these two are an incredible tandem team. The guy turned out to be a serial killer with legal and asylum problems that led to his arrest by their psychometry.” Marie T.


“All I ever wanted to know was if I was Shaman. This Royal Couple beseeched me with information that led to me being broken wide open to who I am in Jesus Christ the Son of God!” -Nick Cannon

CULVER CITY, CA- OCTOBER 08: TV personality Kris Jenner attends the fifth annual PSLA Autumn Party benefiting Children's Institute, Inc., sponsored by Saks Fifth Avenue, with fashion partner Donna Karan at 3Labs on October 8, 2014 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage) *** Local caption *** Kris Jenner

“Through Rolf-Ethen & Monique Antoinette my cervical cancer was removed completely through Shamanistic Reiki. To the depth of my being I am eternally grateful for both of you. Forever. You gave me my family back forever.” Kris Kardashian-Jenner


“Ethen Rolf & Shaman raised baby Rusa from the dead after nine hours.” -Musa, Vilnius, Lithuania


“My Vibrational Healing Retreat of 11 days healed and cleared up an incorrigible yeast infection and untimely circumstances attached to it. All of it! The method through which it came through specifically is none other than Shamanistic Reiki~Michelle Obama, First Lady of the United States


“My time spent with Shaman Monique Antoinette through her Vibrational Healing Work retreat removed my past life imprints of drug addiction, and illiteracy. These removals gave way for her to positively influence the writer deity in me.” Roni L. Braxton 48, Lawndale, CA

“Prodigy Shaman helped me kill addiction more than once. I had no idea I needed more Shaman Reiki™ and an 11 day Vibrational Healing Work retreat.” Roni L. Braxton 48, Lawndale, CA 

“Monique Antoinette’s resurgence gift graciously removed the 11 sadist imprint’s that had been attached to me for 19 years. I hurt myself and others. I still have behaviors that need to be addressed but after the removal I know a new intimate relationship with myself and others is on my horizon. For her Vibrational Healing Work,  I am grateful.” Bill Richardson

“Due to a previous drug interaction  I was walking around in a haze here and there. Secretly I thought I had lost my mind. I kept quiet until my mind turned from the new paranoia to hearing voices that shouted obscenities. Through Shaman Reiki, Shaman Monique Antoinette, in a loving gentle way removed this negative energy .”Randall Cummings 

“My Afterlife Reading was truly the most amazing experience of my life. Because of you, I have finally found peace and clarity. I have finally begun to heal from the literally disabling guilt and grief I have been going thru the past 5 months. You were able to connect with my loved one so strongly and I got all my questions answered. I have never been to a “Medium” before so I had no idea what to expect. I MUST say, ” you are a gift from God.” Thank you for bringing light to my life so that I can finally begin to heal. I smile every day now knowing he will always be with me. 🙂 Thank you Shaman Monique!!.” Ellen Wolfson

“My Afterlife Reading with Monique Antoinette lifted a huge weight off me. I was finally able to put a lot to rest. I didn’t realize all the baggage I was carrying until it was finally gone. The connection allowed me to at last express my forgiveness, and let that person in my life cross over. There is a great edifying feeling in that. I also feel especially good that helping that person crossover has helped heal the energy of our planet. I hope other people are lucky enough to connect with Monique Antoinette.” Bill Weatherly